Case Teaching Workshop: 2010 Recap

Faculty flew in to the Pacific Northwest from across the United States for the Electronic Hallway Case Teaching Workshop. The faculty members attending the workshop ranged from recently graduated Ph.D. students about to begin their first year as faculty members to veteran faculty seeking new approaches to the case teaching method. The breadth of experience within the classroom supported the collaborative learning environment and peer feedback approach taken by the Case Teaching Workshop instructors.

The team leading the Case Teaching Workshop (J. Patrick Dobel, Mary Kay Gugerty, David Harrison, and Cory Sbarbaro) worked together diligently to ensure that they covered a variety of case teaching methods as well as shared their own personal stories about successful and less successful moments that provided great learning opportunities. As one participant said, the “variety of teaching styles and approaches presented by the instructors really created a rich learning experience.”

Fresh off the heels of this workshop, the Case Teaching Workshop instructors and staff are eagerly looking forward to next year’s (2011's) offering of the program.  

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Posted by NsYrQNwW JueThZbl on July 22, 2010 - 3:50pm