A Change of Management

Larry Frymire, founding Executive Director of New Jersey Public Television, opens the case pondering his sudden removal from his leadership post. The case details the first decade of the public television station's existence, during which the disparity increases between Frymire's sense of his role and of the station's mission, and that of his various constituencies, including a newly elected governor, recent commission appointees, and community representatives.

This classic case study offers a strong basis for classroom discussion of key attributes of public leadership such as: strategies for balancing political, operational and legislative obligations and constraints; responsiveness to executive and legislative branches and constituency groups; and managing effectively in a changing political and cultural environment. This case may be taught effectively in conjunction with such Electronic Hallway system case studies as "Leadership Change in the Division of Cultural Programs" or with the Kennedy School case, "Job Corps." Students then have the opportunity to compare the manager in this case with other leadership examples.