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  1. In a mid-sized U.S. county, children’s lives are lost and the local Office of Child Welfare finds its own information management practices to be implicated in the tragedy. Lucinda Angle, the county executive, is determined to improve the office’s information systems. She soon discovers that managing child welfare data also requires taking into account the data requirements and systems belonging to stakeholders at the state and federal levels as well. Angle and her senior staff issue a Request for Information (RFI) to seek ideas from software vendors on building a new system.

  2. NPower (A & B) provide students with an excellent opportunity to make decisions and plan strategy for two important phases of the life cycle of a new nonprofit technology service organization, NPower. The A Case focuses on some of the critical decisions as well as the first year plan for the start up of the organization and the B Case highlights the issues involved in organizational expansion and going to scale.

    Nonprofit and NGO, Technology
    Strategic Planning
  3. Helping to teach about basic issues in managing technology, this case uses one of the most common citizen experiences as the example. The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) is trying to put vehicle tab renewals on the Internet, against a backdrop of excitement over the Internet, a governor committed to a "digital state," and a demoralized agency saddled with a recent, visible failure on a technology project.

  4. This four part case examines a state agency's alignment of its information technology plan with its strategic business plan to increase accessibility of public information, simplify workloads, maximize productivity, and generate additional revenue.