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  1. Freedonia is a modest sized country with a population of roughly 20 million. Freedonian Air Force (FAF) has approximately 150 fighter aircraft. The Commander of FAF has realized that operations and maintenance costs for these aircraft are substantially increasing every year due to aging fleet. The Commander wants to develop a long-term acquisition strategy to replace its aging aircraft fleet. The aircraft code-named F-XX is smaller and simpler than contemporaries but it costs less to both procure and operate, making it a popular aircraft.

  2. This ethics-related case focuses on documented corruption in a county sheriff’s department. While such corruption is, unfortunately, not unheard of, this occurrence was initiated and conducted for an extended period of time by the highly respected county sheriff himself. The sheriff, who had served for many years, had been quite successful in modernizing the department and building a reputation of integrity for himself and his department. That his sterling reputation led to his election as head of the State Sheriff’s Association, made his subsequent fall from grace even more damaging.

  3. This two-day simulation focuses on the negotiation of controversial and complex issues related to the 2,000-mile border that separates and joins the United States and Mexico as neighbors.

  4. Julie Stewart and her colleagues mobilize the angry and grief stricken families of people incarcerated under mandatory drug sentencing laws. Under these laws, even first-time, non-violent offenders receive extensive prison sentences. The organization brings diverse interests together to change both federal policy and state statutes. Stewart and her colleagues use the following strategies:

  5. This "Innovations in State and Local Government" case begins in January 1983, when Ellen Schall is appointed commissioner of New York City's Department of Juvenile Justice, an agency in upheaval. DJJ was established to detain seven- to fifteen-year-old children between arrest and adjudication. Most of DJJ's charges are held in a 25 year old secure detention facility called "Spofford," a notoriously violent and dilapidated facility in the South Bronx. The case describes the situation as Schall walks into it.

  6. South Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) annually engages 5,000 low and moderate-income residents in the economic development of their gentrifying neighborhoods. FAC is a community development corporation that goes beyond traditional housing development. Its programs are national models for partnering with community residents to create affordable housing and living-wage employment, form community benefit agreements with developers, and enable individuals returning from prison to rejoin society.

  7. During the U.S. led war in Iraq, allegations of prisoner abuse within the Abu Ghraib prison evoked angry reactions worldwide. The ensuing events presented in this case provide students a chance to use their analytic skills in what is likely to become a classic example of leadership responsibility in a moment of crisis. Although the stakes in this case are extraordinarily high, it provides valuable lessons applicable to public management challenges at nearly any level.

  8. In Canada, antitrust policy and enforcement is quite different than in the U.S. The Commissioner of Competition, who is in charge of reviewing mergers, leads the Competition Bureau, the division of the federal government that promotes and maintains fair competition among businesses so that Canadians benefit from lower prices, product choice and quality of goods and services.

  9. The case focuses on the experience of a relatively new, but highly regarded, chief of police using the monthly meeting of police chiefs to see if they would consider a regional approach for deploying Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams. The idea presented here seems very straightforward. With public demands for more officers on the street at a time with local governments are experiencing severe economic conditions "doing more with less" is a real challenge.

  10. This is a case about state and local government, where major problems in providing medical services through a county hospital to inmates of a state prison have prompted a review of the process. Susceptible to analysis by Total Quality Management principles or by other more straightforward analysis, the case discussion allows exploration of how the local and state institutions can work better together and across their own departments to save significant time and money.