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  1. This two-day simulation focuses on the negotiation of controversial and complex issues related to the 2,000-mile border that separates and joins the United States and Mexico as neighbors.

  2. Through this simulation students will experience the policymaking and implementation process firsthand. “Wolf Politics” is intended for use in a public policy- or environmental policy-oriented course. This experience will reinforce the concepts students have learned in their courses, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to a real policy issue. The process of preparing testimony for a U.S. Senate subcommittee also gives students a glimpse of how a Senate hearing may operate.

  3. This case highlights the complex choices faced by municipal governments when deciding to outsource local government services. This case is appropriate for teaching in the subject areas of local government management, local public service delivery, contracting and privatization, and decision-making. Although this case can be taught in any geographic area, the content may be less applicable for rural municipalities. The case can be conducted as an in-class exercise and involves role-playing.

  4. Goodbye to Happy Hour is a case that was initially written for an MBA class and has been further developed for use in classes or seminars for professional development in the area of management skills. It is a scenario grounded in reality, with rich character development and an interesting work setting. The case examines the challenges faced by Jane as a newly appointed manager in the public sector. It covers the difficulties she encounters while trying to motivate a technical team during a period of long work hours caused by unfilled vacancies.

    Human Resources, Leadership
    Role Play
  5. The development and distribution of influenza vaccinations is a perennial topic in the US. This case centers on the 2004-05 flu vaccine shortage following the contamination of more than 48 million vaccine doses and remains salient as the threats to the flu vaccine market emerge each fall in American policy and media coverage. The Flu Vaccine Case focuses on public values and challenges students to think about policy issues that blend market failure and the need to protect the public interest.

    Health and Health Care
  6. This case explores the legislative/executive relationship and its influence upon a manager's ability to solve problems and propose solutions. Sam Santos, Permit and Inspection Services Department Director, for the municipality of Orsan, Orewash, is testifying in a crowded city council chamber. The case opens at a dramatic moment in the hearings. The recently released audit showing a huge deficit in the building department has raised the ire of the city council, especially Councilman Harrison.

  7. This is one of the outstanding exercises available for teaching conflict resolution concepts and skills. Developed by Jerry Cormick, a prominent environmental mediator, this exercise is a carefully structured role-play of environmental conflict. It is modeled after an actual multi-party disagreement on wilderness protection.

  8. The Clinton Administration and Multilateral Peace Operations (A & B) opens a window on the complex process of major national security and defense policy formation, both as it proceeds through bureaucratic steps within the executive branch and as it responds to congressional and public opposition to U.S. involvement in Somalia.

  9. Woodstove Source Performance Standards is an environmental role-play in which a multi-party committee employs a negotiated rulemaking process to achieve consensus regarding woodstove emissions. If the committee can agree on a proposed set of restrictions, the Environmental Protection Agency will use it as the basis for a final rule.

    This exercise, is an excellent vehicle for illustrating:

  10. This case deals with achieving consensus when different program elements within an institution compete for limited private funding, a situation that finds parallels in the public agency budget process, or in multifaceted nonprofit institutions where funding is competitive.

    The primary objectives of this case are to involve the class in a hands-on exercise, to practice facilitation skills, and to consider the kinds of managerial decisions that are appropriate for this type of process.