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The Electronic Hallway at the University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance is an online library of quality teaching cases and other curricular materials for faculty who teach public administration, public policy, and related subjects. Electronic Hallway materials are used widely throughout the United States and in many foreign countries in graduate, undergraduate, and government training programs.

Sample Case Abstracts

Managing Cutbacks at the Department of Social and Health Services
An agency head develops a strategic, inclusive budget process in response to drastic federal cutbacks. This case provides a powerful example of internal and external consensus building under extreme pressure, as well as insight into political aspects of good budgeting.

Flu Vaccine Case Study
Difficult market conditions have made flu vaccine production and distribution a perennial problem in the US. Students are challenged to define the public interest and outline policies to secure the production and distribution of a public good.

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New cases and exercises continue to become available on the Electronic Hallway, and our popular workshops spread active learning far and wide. Many schools, foundations, and organizations have contributed to the Hallway's growth over the years.

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