Five Mini-Cases on Ethics in Management

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The five mini-cases on ethics in managerial decision-making are intended to portray real life managerial dilemmas in a way that will help students develop frameworks for addressing those dilemmas.

Cases help students examine and sort out how they would address a management problem in a governmental agency or non-profit organization. They are asked to understand the roles of various players, the underlying rules or regulations the manager is applying, and multiple other forces at play. Cases that bring ethical considerations into play can be especially difficult to teach. In these cases, students understandably can leap to an immediate determination on what is “fair” or what is “right” without carefully examining all of the situation’s dimensions. They can miss situations where “right” is pitted against “right” or where there seems to be no viable or just solution. Just as important, they can fail to evaluate the extent to which their preferred solution will accomplish the desired results.