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New, popular, or otherwise notable cases are selected as featured cases on the Electronic Hallway. Browsing featured cases is a great way to begin if you are new to the Electronic Hallway or if you would like to see a sample of the breadth and depth of our case library.

In January 2010 controversy erupted in the small city of Central Falls, Rhode Island, after state education officials identified the local high school as in need of overhaul due to the low level of achievement of its students. According to new guidelines established by the federal Department of Education under President Obama’s “Race to the Top” initiative, the Central Falls School District could choose among four “turn-around models” for addressing management, curriculum, and instructional concerns at the high school.

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This "Innovations in State and Local Government" case begins in January 1983, when Ellen Schall is appointed commissioner of New York City's Department of Juvenile Justice, an agency in upheaval. DJJ was established to detain seven- to fifteen-year-old children between arrest and adjudication. Most of DJJ's charges are held in a 25 year old secure detention facility called "Spofford," a notoriously violent and dilapidated facility in the South Bronx. The case describes the situation as Schall walks into it.

The development and distribution of influenza vaccinations is a perennial topic in the US. This case centers on the 2004-05 flu vaccine shortage following the contamination of more than 48 million vaccine doses and remains salient as the threats to the flu vaccine market emerge each fall in American policy and media coverage. The Flu Vaccine Case focuses on public values and challenges students to think about policy issues that blend market failure and the need to protect the public interest.

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