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The Hallway has been completely overhauled! New look, improved functionality, same valuable teaching resources. Visit to get started with your FREE Pro trial now.

Electronic Hallway members have access to a constantly expanding collection of teaching cases carefully selected for their quality and ease of teaching and a dynamic set of simulations, exercises, and other teaching aids, all for a low yearly subscription fee. 

Electronic Hallway members are also part of a vibrant community of educators interested in case teaching. Members can comment on individual cases, share tips about case teaching and receive priority notification when new cases are added or workshops are scheduled.

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For a low yearly membership rate, members have access to all Electronic Hallway cases and teaching resources, including unlimited downloads and free distribution to their students. Memberships are available both at rates for individuals and at group rates based on size for schools or departments.  To see if your school already has a group membership, please click here.


Membership is available only to faculty and instructors in public administration and related fields, as well as government agencies who use materials in their training programs. Students are ineligible for membership as Electronic Hallway contains teaching materials and instructional notes. If you have any questions, please email

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